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Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Family Dogg - A Way Of Life (UK 1969)

Uncle Roddus Rare MP3 Album Of The Week.

01. A Way Of Life (4:05)
02. Arizona (2:46)
03. Sympathy (3:21)
04. Julie's Just Gone (2:57)
05. The Storm (2:44)
06. I'll Wear A Silly Grin (3:26)
07. Brown Eyed Girl (3:23)
08. Love Minus Zero (3:01)
09. When Tomorrow Comes Tomorrow (3:49)
10. Coat Of Many Colours (3:24)
11. Sweet America (5:54)
12. Riker's Island (3:45)
13. In The Ghetto (3:10)
14. Child Of Clay (4:11)
15. Save The Life Of My Child (3:22)
16. So Sad (2:39)
17. Run Run Run Fly Fly Fly (2:42)
18. I Wonder (3:11)
19. Like Janis (2:41)
20. Bethel Town Mission (2:59)
21. A Swing Don't Swing (4:00)
22. Uptown Uptempo Woman (4:01)

Late 60s sunshine pop from the UK, I didn't think much of this lot on initial listening, It's quite lightweight in places and pretty commercial with several songs I knew, although a considerable amount of these songs are cover versions. This particular version is more of a compilation, with the original albums tracks in a random order mixed in with several singles and B-sides etc.. After further listens several songs started to reveal their subtleties and good melodies even when sounding like something of one of those 70s Solid Gold Compilations. Two songs do stand out above the rest and I believe both are covers, "Sympathy" and "Rikers Island" are different but are excellent highlights. A few other things, like some lovely sax melodies and wonderful vocal harmonies also make for several noticeable moments but the rest is fairly average, overall rating 2.5/5.

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