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Tuesday, April 16, 2013


The John Zorn Discography no.7

1/ Senki (War Spirit)(Zorn)19:40 2/ The Moon In The Cold Stream Like A Mirror (Zorn)19:43 ecorded at the OAO Studio in Brooklyn, New York on February 27, 1983 John Zorn: alto, soprano, clarinets, game calls. So This time John goes it alone on this first volume of "The Classic Guide to
Strategy" and if we were expecting anything different from what John had already
been releasing music wise then this is most disappointing. John gives his sax a
very hard time coaxing out of it all sorts of weird sounds the the original designers
probably didn't expect it to make, he even plays it under water at points. All
this weirdness sounds quite pointless and apart from the occasional interesting
sound, this all gets pretty tedious pretty quick. As usual for this stage of His
carreer there is no melody or conventional song structure here just random
sounding noises. I guess John had to go through this stage to prepare him for
all the fabulas music he would go on to make later, but I am glad I am able to
find this stuff on the internet to sample first as I would be most disappointed
to actually buy this and than find out what was actually on the recorded later.I
am also disappointed with this particular record as it has been praised in the
past. I wonder what sort of drugs they were on? Rating 1/5.

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