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Friday, June 22, 2012

Beirut - The Rip Tide (USA 2011)

An Uncle Roddus album review

1. A Candle's Fire (3:19)
2. Santa Fe (4:14)
3. East Harlem (3:58)
4. Goshen (3:20)
5. Payne's Bay (3:48)
6. The Rip Tide (4:26)
7. Vagabond (3:18)
8. The Peacock (2:26)
9. Port of Call (4:20)

A very quick review of this recent release I read about in Uncut and I thought I'd check it out as I had heard their last album back in 07'. A quick review because I want to move on to other music as this melodic indie pop really isn't doing any thing for me and although these guys are good and the music is quite good, I don't really enjoy it, so my rating is only 2/5.

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