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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Cotton Mather - Kontiki (Delux Edition) (USA 1997/ 2012)

An Uncle Roddus Album Review

1. Camp Hill Rail Operator (3:21)
2. Homefornt Cameo (3:10)
3. Spin My Wheels (3:28)
4. My Before and After (2:53)
5. Private Ruth (3:03)
6. Vegetable Row (5:01)
7. Aurora Bori Alice (2:37)
8. Church of Wilson (2:00)
9. Lily Dreams On (2:47)
10.Password (3:12)
11.Animal Show Drinking Song (1:16)
12.Prophecy for the Golden Age (0:55)
13.She's Only Cool (2:30)
14.Autumn's Birds (3:37)
15.Homefront Cameo (4 Track) (3:12)
16.Pine Box Builder #1 (2:40)
17.Camp Hill Rail Operator (Acoustic) (2:41)
18.Little Star (5:33)
19.Baby Freeze Queen #1 (1:18)
20.Altar Boy (Live at the Hit Shack) (2:41)
21.Flying Annie's Kite (3:06)
22.Innocent Street (Acoustic) (3:10)
23.Spin My Wheels (Electric) (3:31)
24.Church of Wilson (4 Track) (1:51)
25.Private Ruth (Acoustic) (2:30)
26.The Gold Gone Days (2:37)

I was rather impressed with "My Before and After" which I discovered on one of the very early Uncut compilations and so managed to track down this recently reissued deluxe 2 CD version of their original 1997 second album. The first thing that just keeps kicking me in the face on this album is the singer's uncanny vocal resemblance to John Lennon and some of the vocal harmonies are  therefore also very Beatlesque. A collection of well crafter powerpop songs with plenty here to keep discovering and one interested over repeated listens, although not as instantly catchy as the Beatles were. I have enjoyed this set but don't find it compelling enough to actually want to buy it myself. Rating 3/5. 

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