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Sunday, June 10, 2012

John Zorn - Templars-In Sacred Blood (USA 2012)

An Uncle Roddus Album Review

1. Templi Secretum (5:33)
2. Evocation of Baphomet (5:26)
3. Murder of the Magicians (4:14)
4. Prophetic Souls (6:20)
5. Libera Me (3:20)
6. A Second Sanctuary (5:06)
7. Recordatio (3:53)
8. Secret Ceremony (9:15)

I thought Zorny might be mellowing a bit as he approaches his 60th birthday,with a lot of his recent releases sounding more like conventional modern jazz releases(albeit very good ones). This album veers more towards the rockier stuff he did with Naked City. Mike Patton's vocals aren't easy listening as he growls and screams over the jazzy rock backing tracks. Not an easy listen, but as with almost anything Zorn releases I like it enough to add it to my large Zorn collection, although not one I will go back to a lot.3/5.

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