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Friday, June 1, 2012

Bon Ivor - Bon Ivor (USA 2011)

An Uncle Roddus Album Review

Got so much new music happening right now what with me buying uncut Magazine again and catching up with some recent releases and looking into a big list of albums I am listening to in respect to actually purchasing them. I have gathered quite a list of essential purchases over the last month and hopefully Mrs. Roddus will have one of them in her hot little hands when she gets home from the city later tonight. Unfortunately this album is not one of them. I had heard the debut album and I think I enjoyed it(haven't heard it for quite some time) and listening to this new set I haven't been able to really connect with it from casual listens on the iPod. Sitting here with the big stereo and it becomes clearer how much is actually happening on this album and with further listening I feel this could be a rewarding album in places. A pretty well crafted set of what I would label Americana and pretty laid back sounding, but not any thing that really grabs me and with so much other really good stuff getting  my attention I doubt I will want to give this too much more time. It is good enough to get a Rating of 3/5 though.

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