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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Julia Holter - Ekstasis (USA 2012)

An Uncle Roddus Album review

1. Marienbad (5:24)
2. Our Sorrows (6:16)
3. In the Same Room (3:58)
4. Boy In the Moon (8:19)
5. Für Felix (4:10)
6. Goddess Eyes II (6:23)
7. Moni Mon Amie (3:31)
8. Four Gardens (6:12)
9. Goddess Eyes I (3:40)
10.This is Ekstasis (8:54)

And another Uncut recommended recent release and another sample of  the high quality of so many recent releases. Uncut reviewed this with an 8/10 rating and put one of the songs on that issues CD. This is a very adventurous album from this angle voiced chanteuse, mixing atmospheric soundscapes and Electronica with ethereal pop and avant style compositional pieces. Starts off well with some creative and unusual tracks which I enjoy before it all gets a bit more ambient on the extended "Boy In The Moon". A very experimental album with several cool avant pop pieces like "Fur Felix". Some of the other longer tracks I start to lose interest in but I feel with more concentrated repeated listening they will become more rewarding. Something a little different, which is what good music is all about.Rating 3/5.

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