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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Dawes - Nothing is Wrong (USA 2011)

An Uncle Roddus Album review

1. Time Spent in Los Angeles (4:28)
2. If I Wanted Someone (4:39)
3. My Way Back Home (6:25)
4. Coming Back to a Man (3:51)
5. So Well (5:31)
6. How Far We've Come (2:59)
7. Fire Away (6:23)
8. Moon in the Water (3:54)
9. Million Dollar Bill (4:12)
10.The Way You Laugh (3:48)
11.A Little Bit of Everything (5:39)
12.Rest Easy (Bonus Track) (4:06)
13.Strangers Getting Stranger (Bonus Track) (4:19)

Another quick review so I can move on to something else. This second effort from this American indie pop  outfit from California leans some what towards Americana in places and is a fairly mellow and laid back affair and somewhat light weight. Kind of reminds me of a far inferior "Fire and Ashes", the latest Ryan Adams album that has so impressed me lately. I think it could be a grower if one is willing to give it more attention, but for me I feel unmoved by this and will move on to other music after rating it 2/5.

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