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Monday, June 18, 2012

Kindness - World, You Need a Change of Mind (UK 2012)

An Uncle Roddus album review

1. SEOD (6:30)
2. Swingin' Party (3:57)
3. Anyone Can Fall in Love (4:22)
4. Gee Wiz (3:16)
5. Gee Up (1:52)
6. House (3:37)
7. That's Alright (4:46)
8. Cyan (4:27)
9. Bombastic (3:12)
10.Doigsong (5:04)

This down-tempo electronic pop was reviewed in Uncut a couple of issues back and as it was one of the few reviews to get 9/10 I thought I should check it out. There are some catchy numbers here but some others just get a bit to soppy for me. Overall today listening on the iPod I wasn't really captivated buy these songs but on the headphones tonight there is some worthwhile stuff here that sounds a bit better on closer inspection. Still not something I will want to spend much more time with.Rating 2.5/5

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