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Monday, June 4, 2012

Foetus - Hide (USA 2010)

An Uncle Roddus Album review

1. Cosmetics (8:39)
2. Paper Slippers (5:33)
3. Stood Up (4:19)
4. Here Comes The Rain (4:34)
5. Oilfields (6:41)
6. Concrete (2:35)
7. The Ballad Of Sisyphus T. Jones (5:56)
8. Fortitudine Vincemus (0:47)
9. You're Trying To Break Me (8:32)
10.O Putrid Sun (For Yuko) (3:10)

I hadn't had any Foetus for quite a while and when I came across a copy of this in cyberspace I though I would check out what J.G.Thirlwell is up to nowadays. Had this on the iPod for several days and frankly finding it difficult to stay interested. Starts off with the bombastic semi operatic "Cosmetics" which reminded me of the semi classical shorts on J.G's Nail album from the early 80s. "Paper Slippers is a bit more of a pop song, with strings, although not one you'd likely hear on the radio and not one that I enjoy either. "Stood Up" is another slightly bombastic classical pop song, and J.G's singing is off-putting and not as evil as he use to sound. It takes till "Your Trying to Break Me" to get any thing more normally Foetus like, if there is such a thing. Some interesting moments, but I really am not inspired to give this any more of my attention.2/5.

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