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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Concord Dawn - The Enemy Within (New Zealand 2010)

An Uncle Roddus Album Review

1. Forever feat. Rikki Morris (5:05)
2. Kingdom Of Fear (5:58)
3. Move feat. Jdubs (5:09)
4. Burn At The Stake feat. Cern & Bulletproof (5:08)
5. One And Only feat. Rido (5:57)
6. The Enemy Within feat. Thomas Oliver (6:01)
7. The Sum Of All Things feat. Bulletproof (6:23)
8. Easy Life feat. Nina McSweeny (4:54)
9. The Space Between Us (4:33)
10.This Is All There Is (5:39)
11.Coda feat. Paul Mclaney (5:54)

Way back somewhere around 2003 I went to a concert with a couple of friends to see one of our local(NZ) popular rock acts. The first support act was a couple of dudes sitting behind desks apparently loaded with turntables and other pieces of electronic noise making equipment. They proceeded to make some rhythmic noises which I later found out to be known as Drum N' Bass. Now I had never heard this music before but some of the other gig goers seemed to know it and several were doing some strange form of body movements to the music. Any how I didn't think much more about it and enjoyed the rest of the concert by the local rock band. Not too long after I happened to be browsing the CD racks of a local department store when I actually came across a copy of the aforementioned  D N' B outfit on a reasonably priced CD and decided to take it home with me. The rest is history and I now own pretty much all of their releases, although I thought with the direction they were going with their last CD that I was loosing interest in following their career, therefore I hadn't known that they had released this their fifth album back in 2010 until I stumbled across it recently and thought I should check it out. Although there is still some poppy moments with the guest singers on the more commercial songs, it is good to see these guys are still capable of producing some great music, great rhythms that still make me want to shake my bootie and get the adrenalin flowing. Not nearly as powerful as their early releases which could send me into the stratosphere but I am still enjoying their music. This is not a genre I listen to much at all and from what I have heard, apart from Shapeshifter(Another local D N' B outfit), not many others can touch Concord Dawn. Saw them live on several occasions after that first experience and danced my ass off. This sounds shit hot up loud on the head phones but its damn hard to sit still to this in my chair. Rating 3.5/5

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