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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

VA - A Manchester Collection (UK 1979)

An Uncle Roddus album review

A compilation album of the bands playing in the 'Manchester Musicians Collective' during 1979 at the Band on the Wall Club which still exists today.
GROW-UP - You are the one
GROW-UP - Night Rally
I.Q.ZERO - I'm in love
I.Q.ZERO - I must obey
FAST CARS - What can I do
MEDIATERS - Monotony
FIREPLACE - Fireplace
FIREPLACE - Dutchman
PICTURE CHORDS - First floor exercises
PICTURE CHORDS - Levitating Ladies
MANCHESTER MEKON - The cake shop device
PROPERTY OF.. - Property of...
VIBRANT THIGH - Wooden Gangsters
F.T.INDEX - Working on the line
SLIGHT SECONDS - Double face

Yet another very obscure compilation of local lofi indie and post punk bands from the Mutant Sounds Blog and like some of the other comps of this very obscure music, the songs sound pretty underwhelming on first listen but after repeated plays as they become more familiar, they reveal them selves to be quite interesting  and enjoyable. Nothing here that will set the world on fire or any long lost classics of the genre but I do like this type of music and its quirky idiosyncraticacy. Rating 3/5 

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