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Monday, June 11, 2012

Igor Wakhevitch & Salvador Dali - Etre Dieu (France 1974)

An Uncle Roddus album review

Having a clean out of some stuff that's been in my "to check out" box but haven't yet got to round to it. This one has come up on the playlist a couple of times and I thought I would quickly review it before I delete it. This very long winded work is a semi classical/operatic adaptation of a poem by Dali. Six parts at well over 20 minutes each, with lots of spoken parts(in French) with some operatic vocal parts over various electronic and orchestral backdrops. I really don't get into this very much.It doesn't help that I don't understand French and although there are some interesting experiments going on musically, it gets a bit tiresome, especially over its prodigious  length. Rating 2/5

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