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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Steve Miro and the Eyes - Rude intrusions and Second Sentence (2 LPs) (UK 1980-81)

An Uncle Roddus album review

And yet another obscure early post from Mutant Sounds and things are much better on these two quirky indie pop albums. Lo-fi guitar and organ driven, well written songs from Steve that I am finding most enjoyable. Not overly commercial but quality tracks that are consistently good across both albums. Steve's singing is a little deadpan but for something a little off beat and obscure, I recommend these.Rating 3.5/5 for both albums.


Anonymous said...

Hey Roddus,
thanks for the heads up - Second Sentence has been hard to get and unavailable on the net for as long as I can remember. This completes my Object music collection, years after I had given up on it. Now if I can only figure out where the rest of it is stashed! hope you are well :)


Roddus said...

Hi alison, I am glad Mutant Sounds re upped their links as the first time i tried them they were dead, but i had no idea who steve miro was. I have enjoyed his albums. I understand he had three albums out and they were all re-released on on a double Cd a couple of years ago.

I did see his third album on a blog recently but didn't check the link and can't remember which blog it was.

Here is a review of the three album set at all musioc.