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Thursday, June 21, 2012

VA - East Of Croydon (UK 1981)

An Uncle Roddus Album review

A1 Janet Armstrong Inadequate
A2 Heartbeats, The Funny Anymore
A3 Flips, The Schitzo
A4 Big Combo, The 21 Girls
A5 Local Heroes SW9 Another Modern Romance
A6 Big Hair Over You
A7 Bobby Henry Next Move
B1 Calling Hearts In the Jungle
B2 Kan Kan Phone Call
B3 Sir James The Selection
B4 Spöön Fazer Fly on The wall
B5 A Circle Charmed Henrietta Missing
B6 Greenfield Leisure Leisure
B7 Normil Hawaiians Dark World

This very obscure early indie pop/post punk compilation was posted very early on over at Mutant Sounds blog and although I could't possibly rant and rave about the outstanding quality of the songs here as they do, I am finding after several listens on the ipod over the week that there is some strong material here and some of the songs are growing on me as I get more familiar with them. For a bunch of local groups supposedly all coming from around the same general geographical location and probably totally unknown outside of that area, there are some well crafted alternative pop songs happening here. There are some more amateur sounding numbers here reminding me of some of the local bands we use to see live here in NZ that never recorded, but overall after a few listens, this is an interesting and enjoyable compilation. Never heard of any of the bands at all before, of course. Rating 3.5/5 

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