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Friday, June 8, 2012

Taste Of Blues - Schizofrenia (Sweden 1969)

An Uncle Roddus Album review

Stumbled upon this recently and after being really impressed by the "Essence Of Swedish Prog" Box set, thought I might check out what this lot sound like. The Blog entries on these rare and little known underground records usually rant and rave about how fantastic they are and how they should not be missed. The reality is that usually the reason they weren't known to a larger audience is that their music wasn't all that fantastic after all. This particular album of psychedelic/jazz/blues/fuzz rock kinda falls in that category. It is an enjoyable album with some interesting music, but not some lost classic like some have mentioned.Side one is taken up by the 17 minute title track and consists of a repetitive Can like rhythm overlaid by some Jazzy psychedelics and is a pretty good jam. Side 2 gets a bit more bluesy and fuzzed out. "A Touch Of Sunshine" is a slow Cream-like psych blues and is one of the highlights, as is the last track "What Kind Of Love Is That" a more up tempo fuzz rocker."On The Road To Nidaros" is a nice little prog like instrumental and quite catchy. The album is a bit lofi and "Another Kind Of Love" suffers a bit for that, being the weakest song here."Another Man's Mind" is the other lesser track on this side but like its predecessor has some good psych guitar. So although not a lost classic, a pretty good effort and I did enjoy it quite a bit. I hope the re-issued CD has better sound than this version I have. Rating 3/5

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