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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Big Walter Horton With Carey Bell USA 1973

Roddus Album Of The Day.

1. Have a Good Time
2. Christine
3. Lovin' My Baby
4. Little Boy Blue
5. Can't Hold Out Much Longer
6. Under The Sun
7. Tell Me Baby
8. Have Mercy
9. That Ain't It
10. Temptation
11. Trouble In Mind

Brought this Chicago blues monster on one of my amazon shopping sprees a couple of years ago, along with several other blues Cds I had been looking for. Released on the mighty Alligator records in 1989, but recorded in 1973, this album by Blues Harp legend Horton and his apprentice Bell is one of the most powerful blues albums I have heard. The power and feeling of this album hits you right from the start and doesn't let up. With most tracks original compositions and a brilliant take on "Trouble In Mind", it's a wonder Walter didn't record more. Classic Chicago blues at its' best and properly one of the last of its' kind being so rooted in  that 50s style. My Rating 4.5/5

Listen to it Here and click on the W in the title

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