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Monday, May 10, 2010

Erkin Koray - Elektronik Türküler (Turkey 1974)

Roddus Album Of  The Day

 01 Karli Daglar
02 Sir
03 Hele Yar
04 Korkulu Rüya
05 Yalnizlar Rihtimi
06 Cemalim
07 Inat
08 Türkü

Much hyped out there in blog world, this first rock album to come out of Turkey is psychedelic rock heavily laced with the local flavour of  music and unfortunately to these ears is pretty disappointing. There are some interesting sounds initially but it gets a bit repetitive and I really don't find it at all inspiring. In the context of the time when it was released it is a good record, competent writing and playing and it is still listenable, but the best I can give it is 2/5.
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