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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mood Jga Jga - Mood Jga Jga (Canada 1975)

Yet Another Roddus Album Of The Day

 01. Queen Jealousy (2:50)
02. Only A Fool In Love (3:13)
03. River Bank (3:45)
04. Daybreak (3:29)
05. Kill The Hangman (4:42)
06. Come And See Me Here My Friend (4:17)
07. Nowhere To Go (3:04)
08. Gimme My Money (3:59)
09. I Am What I Am What I Am (4:45)

Well, Its still raining here and I'm still exploring new sounds and when someone mentions the words jazz and rock in the same sentence my curiosity is usually aroused, and so it was when Chuntao said that about another of the rarities she posted last night over at Rare MP3 then I knew I'd have to check it out. Just call this blog the advertising wing of Rare MP3, except that a lot of my visitors actually come via her blog(thanks C.).
 So to the music, and yes there is a definite jazz tinge to this well conceived AOR album, If you dig Steely Dan, then this should appeal and won't disappoint. Quality sound and quality music that stays interesting throughout from the funky "Queen Jealousy" with its cool guitar break, through to the folksy uptempo hoedown of "I Am What I Am"with its great piano solo. .Another terrific rare find and I give it  4/5.

Check this out Here

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