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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Brownstone - Brownstone (USA 1973)

Another One Of The Roddus Albums Of The Day

 01. Free And Easy (3:16)
02. Sweet Lullaby (2:57)
03. Poor Soul (3:53)
04. Needs (5:42)
05. Party Music (3:26)
06. Everything´s Changing (3:22)
07. Be My Friend (4:48)
08. Too Much Woman (5:37)
09. Hard Road (4:48)

 One more quick review before I start cooking Dinner. This early 70s,  excellent bluesy rock band with great female vocals released this album on Playboy records. A very good straight rockin' affair with catchy Melody's, strong songs and invigorating guitar playing. "Hard Road" is a classic and although there is not much variation on this record the formula works well. Another excellent rare find from Rare MP3 which I have had for some time and it was good to revisit it again. Worth checking out. My Rating 4/5.

Listen to this rareity here

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Anonymous said...

I used to live with this band - they were quite popular in L.A. and the Valley, with a good-sized following. Barbara Lopez had one helluva set of pipes on her!