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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Orquestra Afro-Brasileira - Orquestra Afro-Brasileira (Brazil 1968)

Roddus Album Of The Day Part Two

01 - Agô Lonan (Abigail Moura)
02 - Tire o Calundú (Abigail Moura)
03 - Índia (Abigail Moura)
04 - Palmares (Abigail Moura)
05 - Babaloxá (Abigail Moura)
06 - Canto Para Omulú (Abigail Moura)
07 - Mo-fi-la-do-fê (Abigail Moura)
08 - Saudação aos Orixás (Abigail Moura)
09 - Xangô (Abigail Moura)
10 - Nagana (Abigail Moura)
11 - Os Oinho de Iaiá (Abigail Moura)
12 - Rei N'aruanda (Abigail Moura) 
And now for something completely different. I found a track I had recently downloaded from WFMU's Blog
from their "Give The Drummer Some" weekly blog music round up and that particular song caught my attention on my Ipod the other day and so I had to investigate further. This very obscure album from Brazil was the result of that investigation and I checked  it out today to find something of the like which I hadn't heard before. Strange sort of warped African rhythms with Latin sounding brass arrangements with vocal accompaniment that is surprisingly very cool to listen to. Very unique music and defiantly worth checking out for something different. The track that caught My attention was the excellent "India" and the rest of the album is not bad either. Can't really describe this music very well, so listen for yourself Here.
My Rating 3.5/5.
I did a search for this record and you can buy it at GEMM for the hefty sum of US$850.

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