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Friday, May 14, 2010

Love Sculpture - Blues Healing (UK 1968)

Roddus Album Off The Day (Additional)

01. Stumble
02. 3 O'clock Blues
03. I Believe To My Soul
04. So Unkind
05. Summertime
06. On The Road Again
07. Don't Answer The Door
08. Wang Dang Doodle
09. Come Back Baby
10. Shake Your Hips
11. Blues Helping

Still stuck in  the 60s with this totally awesome UK 60s white boy blues band. I love the blues and admire immensely the late 60s blues boom with excellent Blues bands such as Shaky Vic, the immortal John Mayall and the best of the bunch, the original Fleetwood Mack, to mention my favorites. I have no idea how a record of this magnitude slipped under my radar, but I was totally unaware of the existence of Love Sculpture untill My best recommender of all things obscure, Chuntao, suggested I check this out, cos she thought I mike Like it. Well She was far from wrong, An album hasn't blown my mind as much as this in a long time and after heading over to Amazon and buying it quick smart, it has now firmly rooted its self in my unwritten top album list.Mostly covers of blues standards, this record is mainly a vehicle for Dave Edmond's astonishing guitar playing. From the exhausting opener "Stumble" through fast and slow blues till we get to an extremely excellent version of the unbelievably brilliant Koko Taylor version Of Willie Dixon's "Wang Dang Doodle". The album closes with the only original , the very good slower blues instrumental "Blues Helping". My Ranting 5+/5.

Listen to this Here and then Buy it.

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