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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sun Ra - Visits Planet Earth/Interstellar Low Ways CD Reissue 1992

Roddus Album Of The Day

1. Reflections in Blue (5:57)
2. Two Tones (3:37)
3. El Viktor (2:29)
4. Saturn (3:56)
5. Planet Earth (4:56)
6. Eve (5:36)
7. Overtones of China (4:21)
8. Onward (3:34)
9. Somewhere in Space (3:02)
10.Interplanetary Music (2:25)
11.Interstellar Low Ways (8:23)
12.Space Loneliness (4:32)
13.Space Aura (3:11)
14.Rocket Number Nine Take off for the Planet (6:11)
I am reviewing, here a CD Reissue from 1992 of two of Sun Ra's Original Albums released during the 1960s, from his huge and chaotic discography but were recorded at earlier times. The two original realeases, as far as I can tell were:

Sun Ra and his Solar Arkestra - Visits Planet Earth
Saturn LP 9956-11-A/B (1966)

01 Planet Earth (Ra) (4:52)
02 Eve (Ra) (5:33)
03 Overtones of China (Ra) (4:17)
04 El Viktor (Ra) (2.29)
05 Saturn (Ra) (3.56)
Sun Ra and his Myth Science Arkestra - Interstellar Low Ways
Saturn SR 9956-2-M/N (mid 60s)

01 Onward (Ra) (3:30)
02 Somewhere in Space (Ra) (2:58)
03 Interplanetary Music (Ra) (2:22)
04 Interstellar Low Ways (Ra) (8:20)
05 Space Loneliness (Ra) (4:28)
06 Space Aura (Ra) (3:07)
07 Rocket Number Nine Take off for the Planet Venus (Ra) (6:11)
As you can see the Cd reissue has two extra tracks that I can't find listed on the original albums but one could assume they actually did come from "Visits Planet Earth" as the listed tracks make for a very short album.
After another search on the web, I can confirm the the two tracks indeed do belong on the "Visits Planet Earth" LP, according to both Wiki' and Allmusic. Anyway on to the quick review.

A description: Bigband swing, infused with be-bop and the occasional bit of avaunt-guard as well as an infusion of Egyptian sounding melodies. Plenty of Space references just to make it that bit more unconventional. I have been really enjoying these early Sun Ra recordings today, plenty happening to keep me amused on closer listening. This early music is much more accessible than a lot of his later stuff and the bands are tight and playing well, enjoyable solos and both albums go well together on the Cd reissue. Not my most favorite of the late 50s stuff but this is growing on me with closer inspection. My rating overall for both albums 3.5/5.

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