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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Captain Marryat - Captain Marryat (UK 1974)

Roddus Album Of The Day (Additional)

 01. Blindness
02. It Happened to Me
03. A Friend
04. Songwriter's Lament
05. Changes
06. Dance of Thor
 Another ultra rare album found in blogworld. Spotted this and thought I would read the blurb that went with it and it turns out that this Scottish Prog type band recorded this album one day while in a local studio to record a single and ended up recording this. It was pressed privately to sell at their gigs and only 250 were made. Now this album disappeared into total obscurity, known only to those that recorded it and the few who brought it. Recently it has burst onto the collectors market and several copies have sold on e-bay for over 3000 euro. So this pipped my curiosity and I had to hear what such an expensive buy sounds like. Obviously collectors don't buy just for musical content, like I do, but the rarity of the record is the main catalyst of the price, as well as condition, but I would assume that the music on a collectible of this stature had some merit. Fortunately, this album is surprisingly good and I really am enjoying it as I type. Extended Prog type jams driven by organ  and some very good guitar work and competent rhythm section makes for a cool album. Dance Of Thor is the best track but over all the album has no weak songs. The vocals, for me are the albums main weakness. My Rating 3.5/5
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