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Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Cache Valley Drifters - Step Up To The Big Pay (USA 1980)

The Last Roddus Album Of The Day For Today.

 01. Barnyard Boogie (3:10)
02. Bay Of Fundy (5:18)
03. A Smooth One (2:59)
04. Hello In There (3:29
05. New Road Under My Wheels (3:22)
06. My Baby Thinks She's A Train (3:25)
07. Feather In The Wind (3:16)
08. The Wild West Is Where I Want To Be (3:14)
09. Sad Songs (4:01)
10. Cumberland Blues (5:39)

Ok, my last quick review for today, and its still raining, dinner was very good and my ears are about to fall off. Something a bit diffrent this time with another rare disc plundered from Rare MP3. This obscue record is a bluegrass/hillbilly affair along the lines of  The Old Crow Medicine Show, whom I reviewed recently. Good quality recording and competent playing of country/hillbilly/bluegrass music. The picking on this album reminds me of a more blusey Django Reinhardt and althought it isn't bad, it fails to inspire. makes good background music though. it feels a bit sterile.
My Rating 2./5
Listen Here


SWingB said...

Cool! Thx! Do you have CVD's '' or 'White Room'?

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