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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Doors - Morrison Hotel USA 1970

Roddus Album Of The Day

1. Roadhouse Blues (4:04)
2. Waiting for the Sun (3:59)
3. You Make Me Real (2:52)
4. Peace Frog (2:49)
5. Blue Sunday (2:12)
6. Ship of Fools (3:10)
7. Land Ho! (4:10)
8. The Spy (4:16)
9. Queen of the Highway (2:46)
10.Indian Summer (2:35)
11.Maggie McGill (4:22)

Jim Morrison, the Voice, The Poet, The Sex Symbol, The Snake King, The Boozer, The Waster, The Legend! "Roadhouse Blues" has rocked many many a party for 40 years, especially plenty of mine, "Peace Frog", My all time Favorite Doors song. "You Make Me Real" awesome!!, and the rest just totally excellent, not weak tracks at all, fast songs and slow burners, 60s psychedelic blues influenced organ driven rock. The Doors are easily in the top 5 greatest bands ever and "Morrison Hotel" , their second to last LP while Jim was still alive is their best and one of my all time favorites. Too hard to really describe this brilliant music and why bother, we all know it. My rating 5/5

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