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Friday, May 14, 2010

Episode Six - Love, Hate, Revenge 1966-69 (UK)

Roddus Album Of The Day

Disc One
01. Put Yourself In My Place (2:31)
02. That's All I Want (2:32)
03. I Hear Trumpets Blow (2:29)
04. True Love Is Funny That Way (2:30)
05. Here There & Everywhere (2:11)
06. Mighty Morris Ten (2:22)
07. Love Hate Revenge (2:55)
08. Baby Baby Baby (2:54)
09. Morning Dew (2:55)
10. Sunshine Girl (2:52)
11. I Can See Through You (3:25)
12. When I Fall In Love (1:56)
13. Little Ones (2:43)
14. Wide Smiles (1:50)
15. Lucky Sunday (3:43)
16. Mr Universe (4:18)
17. Mozart Versus The Rest (Classic) (3:00)
18. Jak D'or (3:16)
19. I Will Warm Your Heart (2:53)
20. Incense (2:42)
21. I Won't Hurt You (2:30)
22. U.F.O.(2:48)

 Disc Two
01. Love, Hate, Revenge (US Version) (2.33)
02. Way You Look Tonight (Outtake) (2:19)
03. My Little Red Book (Outtake) (2:30)
04. Plastic Love (Outtake) (2:31)
05. Time & Motion Man (Outtake) (2:35)
06. Only Lonely People (Outtake) (3:17)
07. Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah (Demo) (2:49)
08. Cottonfields (Demo) (1:57)
09. My Babe (Demo) (2:51)
10. Love Is A Swinging Thing (Demo) (2:43)
11. Steal Your Heart Away (Demo) (3:14)
12. Walking To New Orleans (Demo) (3:01)
13. I Want Money (Demo) (1:44)
14. Mozart Versus The Rest (Live) (2:49)
15. Him Or Me (Live) (3:02)
16. Hazy Shade Of Winter (Live) (3:01)
17. Monster In Paradise (Live) (2:27)
18. Orange Air (Live) (2:47)
19. Castle (Live) (3:18)
20. Slow Down (Live) (2:30)
21. I Am The Boss (Live) (2:42)
22. Morning Dew (Live) (3:20)

 Here is another excellent forgotten  band brought to my attention by my blogging buddy Chuntao, when she posted this over at Rare MP3 back in 08. This late 60s psychedelic pop band contained two blokes who later went on to much greater and more serious things in a combo called Deep Purple, namely Rodger Glover and Ian Gillam.During the 3 years specified above these guys released a slew of singles in the Uk all of which and more are included here in this two disc set. There are some real gems in this set of classic 60s pop,rock, psych as well as a couple of sloppy pop tracks my mother would like. This album has kept me amused for most of the day with the many interesting cover versions they recorded and also plenty of very good originals. "Love, Hate, Revenge" was already familiar to me from the "Nuggets" compilations but the rest was refreshing new to my ears and considering this compilation mines everything they did, it never really slips in quality, except for a couple of those sloppy pop tracks I mentioned. A very worthwhile collection and I highly recommend to any 60s music heads. My Rating 4/5
Listen to this Here

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