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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

King Earl Boogie Band - Trouble At Mill (UK 1972)

Another Roddus Album Of The Day

 01. Bad Storm Coming (5:13)
02. Take Me Back (4:44)
03. Live Your Own Life (2:26)
04. Bovver Blues (2:03)
05. Plastic Jesus (4:14)
06. If The Lord Don't Get You (3:46)
07. Goin' To German (2:35)
08. Keep Your Hands Off My Woman (4:59)
09. Go Down You Murderers (5:35)

After setting up the album of the day last night, I decided to listen to this, which had recently been posted at Rare MP3  and looked kinda interesting and fun. I was rather surprised at the quality of the first few tracks, that I decided to add it to my ipod to listen to for the day as well. The first couple of tracks don't really boogie too much but instead have a real Folk edge to them and are defiantly quality tracks and certainly have English folksy lyrical content, "Take Me Back" the more bluesy one is just excellent. Things start to boogie a bit more with "Live My Own life" and "Bovver Blues" is very English boogie blues, with the working class narration and all. "Plastic Jesus" is getting into boogie country with a sort of oomba beat. There is plenty of variation through the rest of the tracks and all are interesting and enjoyable and it was also a pleasure to become more acquainted with this record over the course of the day. My Rating 3.5/5

Listen to this Here

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