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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Various Artists - White lace & Strange:Heavy Psych and Power Fuzz From The USA 1968-72 (USA 2008)

Roddus Album Of The Day

1. Persecution - Third Power
2. White Lace & Strange - Thunder and Roses
3. Dimples - Hook
4. It Could't Be Me - Power of Zeus,
5. John Doe - Banchee 
6. Steel Dog Man - Brother Fox & The Tar Baby
7. Hideaway of Your Love - Lemonade Charade
8. Angeline - Genesis
9. Loveless Lives - Blue Mountain Eagle
10. Someone Else's Games - Mount Rushmore
11. Get in the Wind - Illinois Speed Press,
12. Bide My Time - Fields
13. Spaceship Earth - Road
14. Knocked Out - Eden's Children
15. I Think You'd Cry - T.I.M.E. (Trust in Men Everywhere)
16. Darkness - The Underbeats
17. I'm a Man - Yellow Payges
18. Time Has Come, Gonna Die - Lincoln Street Exitt
19. My Babe - The Uniques
20. Seventh Is Death - The Fort Mudge Memorial Dump

I had made an unwritten policy that I wasn't going to review any of  my various artists compilations on this blog until I had got through a large portion of my single artist releases, which meant for quite some time, but when this came up last night I couldn't resist, knowing I would get to listen to it throughout the day as I was wiring a rather large new house for work. This excellent balls out hard rocking heavy psych compilation was assembled by an obviously groovy guy from The Bevis Frond named Nick Saloman, along with some other great comps along the same lines that he also compiled. If you love late 60s, early 70s Hendrix/Cream inspired heavy fuzz blooze based rock with great melodies and incendiary guitar, then this comp comes very highly recommended. Considering how obscure much of this is, the quality is outstanding and the sound is also top notch and as I get more familiar with each track it is becoming obvious that many of these tracks will become classics for me.I mined this comp for a track or two on my most excellent and popular "Psyched Out" sampler recently and it now appears that I should have mined it more substantially , My Rating 4.5/5

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